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Another form of ibogaine

If we are looking for the information about ibogaine on the internet, we can find that ibogaine has a form of powder. It forms like flour but smoother. Maybe for drug addicts it is like cocaine but has a different flavor. If we find out more in, we will know that ibogaine has a different form and it is called ibogaine hydrochloride. A mixture of organic substances and chemicals forming salts and it can be used to cure the dependency. Even though it is formed different with other ibogaines and more rugged, functionally remains the same. We can not use it if we do not have a complaint about dependency. Maybe we can get a serious problem if we used it without a prescription and doctor’s advice. This drug only for the drug addict or alcohol addict and make them leave their habit on consuming the dangerous substances. If we still consume the ibogaine but we have never taken drugs, we will get bad effects.

Even it used as a medicine, it is not sold freely. In the US, this type is illegal drug and should not be used at all. The government did not approve it because there is a case of the US citizen died after taking ibogaine. It is true but we can not conclude if it only happens to one person. We also have to see the other people that have been used ibogaine and feel the positive effects of it. It all depends on us to decide if ibogaine is good medicine or bad medicine. If we can not be bought ibogaine because the government prohibits it, we must ask the government to provide relief assistance to the disease of addiction. If they can not grant it, we should buy ibogaine hydrochloride with the recipe from the doctor.