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Press Tank Systems

The working principle of the system tank tap (hydrosol) is as follows: water that has collected in the bottom tank is pumped into the tank closed resulting in the air inside the compressed so that the available water pressure sufficient advance for distribution to equipment plumbing throughout the building are planned. The pump works automatically regulated by a pressure detector, which opens and closes a switch agitators electric motor driving the pump. The pump will stop working if the tank pressure has reached the maximum limit established and start working if the minimum set pressure has been achieved. If you want a hand that can help you and your plumbing system, you can call our Plumber Columbia SC.

Advantages of the press tank system are in terms of aesthetics as a less extravagant than the roof tank, easy to maintain as it can be installed in the engine room alongside other pumps and the starting price is lower than the tank should be installed at the top of the tower. Besides, it is also required a compressor and both are operated automatically.

The disadvantages such as regional fluctuations in pressure of 1.0 kg / cm2 were very large compared to the roof tank system that has almost no fluctuation with less air in the press tank, then every few days need to be added air by the compressor or to drain all the water from the tank.

Variations press tank system is as follows:

– Hydrocele Systems: hydrocele system for tank pressure using a special rubber material tube which can expand and contract according to the pressure tank. The addition of air in the tank is necessary because the rubber hit no direct contact. This system has the disadvantage that the water in the tank slightly.
– Press tank system with Diaphragm: Diaphragm tanks systems with the press, to press the tank using a special rubber material tube as with air, separator tank water pressure. The addition of air in the tank is necessary so the rubber did not direct contact.