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Make your own herbal smoke blend

If you want to experience the benefits of using herbal incense or whatever you will call it, why not try to make it yourself? The first step to making your own natural herbal incense smoke blend is to choose your base. It should be something smooth and burns well, as said previously. It is good to consider Damiana, Mullein, and Raspberry leaf as the base. When it comes to the second step that is choosing the modifiers, you can show off your creativity. The modifier means the second largest quantity in your mix.

When selecting the modifiers, you can consider you desired effect and then select 2 to 4 modifiers as required. The next step is to prepare additional flavor twist. For this, you can choose peppermint, lavender, thyme, or spearmint. When making herbal smoke blend yourself, you can try the new flavor that will make your vaping experience different. Does this sound better than using available herbal incense available in the market?