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Use mala beads in a right way

Have you ever used the mala beads with the right way?  Not all people know how to use mala beads correctly because today the function of mala beads is different. We know that people who have mala beads usually use it for the fashion.  They only know that it can make them have a different style with others. They also proud if their use many mala beads in their body not only in the neck but also in the wrist so, it looks like fortune tellers. It is the wrong example use of mala beads because there is a limit if you want to wear it as your fashion item. You can wear many mala beads and then you show it to others, people. It would seem weird and make you shame. So, we have to know the ways of using the mala beads because it can bring the bad thing in our lives. Not because we do not respect the older function of mala beads but because we do not use it rightly.

For fortune-tellers is a common thing if their use a lot of mala beads because they used it for another purpose. We also can see if the mala beads worn by religious leaders of different religion. Islam, Catholic, Buddhist and Hindu have utilized the mala beads on their pray. The mala beads can also use to get the maximal concentration. On yoga, it worn when the motion concentration. They believe if mala beads that made by natural materials can bring us the positive energy. It also can give us pleasure when we feel uneasy. So, if we wear and use the mala beads in the right way, maybe we can get the benefits from it. If we use it in the wrong way, maybe we can not get the benefits of it and only wear it as trinkets.