Definition of Window Air Conditioner

aircon servicing Window air conditioner has a different shape to the shape of the other, between the indoor and the outdoor has the same place (fused) so it requires no additional piping between indoor and outdoor air conditioner. In this Window air conditioning installation, we should perforate the wall of the room that will be in the tide. The indoor layout was in the room and the location of the outdoor are outdoors, parapet so that it is in need of hot air outdoors doing not fit into the room temperature is low. If your AC is broken, you can visit our website to get aircon servicing.

Window air conditioner parts are:
a. Compressor
Which serves to pump gas or freon refrigerant gas to the entire air conditioning system. The heat absorbed from the evaporator and removed through the condenser.
b. Condensor (evaporation)
That serves to remove the heat on the outdoor temperature.
c. Reservoir
Serves to store gas from the condenser before it is released to the compressor.
d. evaporator
The function is to absorb the heat to cool.
e. filter Dryer
Serves to filter debris of gas and oil.
f. Motor Fan and Blower
The motor serves to rotate the fan and blower fan.
Serves to circulate air blower which is located around the evaporator.
g. HPS (High-Pressure Switch)
Which serves to measure the strength of the high pressure or gas.
h. LPS (Low-Pressure Switch)
Which serves to measure weak or low gas pressure.