Advantages and disadvantages of doing business in Instagram

Is there any of you who do not know Instagram? I think almost everyone knows what Instagram. Instagram is booming at this moment. As information, Instagram users has now reached 8 million people of around the world. This amount is still below the users of Facebook and Twitter, but I believe Instagram users will still continue to grow. If you are looking for how to buy Instagram followers USA, you can visit our website to find out.

Lately appeared various online shop on Instagram, they use existing features to market their products. Are you also interested in selling through Instagram? The following are the advantages and disadvantages of doing business in Instagram:

The advantages:
– One of the advantages of selling on Instagram Instagram users are already assured is aware of the technology. This means that those who are active on Instagram is definitely active on Twitter and Facebook as well as possible. Because it is very appropriate if you promote your products through Instagram and aided other applications.

– User Instagram definitely has gadgets that support the application, the Android or the iPhone. This means the average Instagram user from middle and upper class.

– Use the hashtag on Instagram also can help you because it will allow buyers looking for your product.

The disadvantages from it:
– Because it is based smartphone, the photos on Instagram small and often not obvious. Better display your product display via Facebook that can be accessed via computer

– Now Instagram began to develop InstaMessage feature, a feature chat between users of Instagram. But there are still many Instagram users who have not used this feature and even chat via Line or Whatsapp

– Too many online shops that sell the same stuff as you offer. This forces you to be smart in marketing and offering your products.

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